For Front-End and Back-End Developers, DevOps and Cloud specialists, Operations specialists (Engineers, Architects, Scientists, Database & Sys Admins), Security specialists, those in the education space (tech staff, professors and students), and those simply wanting to know more


If you’re considering attending POSSCON 2015 we encourage you to read the information below. In addition, feel free to pass this along to your boss or supervisor that might need some persuading. While it won’t convince everyone, we feel it makes a good case as to why you should join us in Columbia on April 12 & 13.

1. POSSCON = educational opportunity

Since POSSCON was started in 2008, the sole focus has been on education. If you attend the event you are guaranteed to learn something you can implement and utilize in your place of work or even at home. Continuing education for technology professionals should be extremely important as what is being used, and what can be used, changes constantly. And learning about new technologies, and meeting some of the people behind them, should be important as well. The educational value of POSSCON is tremendous.


2. Nearly 90% of all organizations use open technology

Our friends at Forrester Research say quite frankly that if you don’t recognize the impact open technology is having on your organization you’re at risk of being consumed. They will also tell you that only 1 in 5 developers surveyed state they HAVE NOT used open source in some way in the last 12 months and that it’s a driving force in modern web application development. So yea, it’s that important.

3. The networking is incredible

We feel it is incredibly important to meet thought leaders and other practitioners in the technology field. Not only is it a great opportunity to share ideas and have some much needed fun, but it does something more important. In short, it improves your technology/industry IQ, which in turn makes you more knowledgeable, interesting, and ultimately more valuable to your team and employer. See how that works?

4. The value and ROI are tremendous

To keep it short and sweet, we challenge you to find a better value anywhere in the technology education/conference industry in the country. And if you’re a student or member of a user group you might get lucky and find a discount code good for even more off registration. Again, we challenge you to find a better deal. Our goal is to make it possible for companies and organizations to bring a TEAM, not just send the lucky person who happens to draw the long straw.

5. POSSCON takes place the same week as ConvergeSE and Indie Grits Film Festival

What goes well with a world-class technology conference like POSSCON? Two other world-class events of course! For the first time ever POSSCON will be held back-to-back with the ConvergeSE, one of the top Design/UX conferences in the world, and the Indie Grits Film Festival, a festival Movie Maker Mag calls one of the “Coolest in the World”. So, stay the entre week for tech, design, art, and film!