Why is Hadoop adoption becoming mandatory? Find out why at POSSCON 2015.

Does the enterprise you work in have plans to invest in big data? If yours is like 73% of the enterprises Gartner interviewed recently, it does plan to invest, and in the near-term.

Did you know that Forrester Research is saying enterprise adoption of Hadoop is becoming “mandatory”? Well it is, and for good reason.

So what does this mean for you? It means a lot, but most importantly it means you’re likely to be hearing about and working with or around Hadoop and other big data technologies for a long time to come. It means you’d better have a good understanding of the programming framework.

So, it’s fortunate we’re hosting not one, but two Hadoop sessions at the conference this year.

Eric Mizell, Director of Solution Engineering at industry leading Hortonworks, will deliver the following talks:

Tuesday, April 14 - 45 minute session

Introduction to Hadoop
What is Hadoop and why do I care? This session will cover why Hadoop and how enterprises are capturing, storing, and analyzing more data in more ways than ever before. Additionally, Eric will discuss multiple use cases that are adding value to organizations every day.

Wednesday, April 15 - 2.5 hour workshop

How YARN enables multiple data processing engines in Hadoop
YARN is Hadoop’s data operating system enabling multiple processing engines such as interactive SQL, real-time streaming, in-memory data analytics, and batch processing in a single platform. It is the foundation of the new generation of Hadoop and is enabling a Modern Data Architecture. In this session Eric will cover YARN 101, deep dive into many of the tools in Hadoop 2, and demonstrate a real-time application leveraging multiple Hadoop components.