Welcome Back to POSSCON 2011!

If you missed it, or just want to relive it – here is your chance to see the speaker presentations again. They are action-packed with lots of goodness inside… in other words, you should still get a lot out of them.
Just choose a speaker’s name on the right hand side to see a playlist for their talk. Click the video you want – and go.
If you need a copy of the presentation itself – hit the link at the top or open this link in a separate window/tab (http://www.posscon.org/speakers2011/) to take you to the POSSCON 2011 Speakers’ page. If the presentation is available, you’ll see it under the speaker’s picture.
Feel free to tell your friends, family, and even enemies… everyone can benefit!

Thanks again,

Staff Dude and Dudette at POSSCON

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