Tim Fowler is a security consultant with the Western North Carolina security firm mountainsec LLC. He frequently speaks throughout the Southeast on various topics ranging from information security, open source in the enterprise and emerging open source technologies. Formally an IT Administrator for a large automotive manufacturer and an open source network appliance developer, Tim has spent years developing an understanding of the weaknesses and issues that we as an industry are currently dealing with in our IT departments today. Over the last 7 years, he has devoted a lot of time to specifically researching, testing and creating education and awareness programs around wireless (in)security and the issues that plague 802.11.

Tim has a passion for enabling others to do for themselves and this is best seen in his work with small business and organizations to help them develop security policies and procedures to best protect them and their customers. He spends a lot of his time trying to bridge the gap between the small businesses ideals of security compared to the real world threat. By leveraging open source solutions Tim is able to help organizations fortify their systems, networks and people in a way that might not be possible otherwise. He is dedicated to developing comprehensive education and awareness programs, for organizations, based on real world threats to better protect us all, Tim’s time in both enterprise and open source communities allow for a unique perspective and approach to protecting ourselves, businesses and our data in today’s digital world