Gavin M. Roy has over 20 years of experience in the Internet industry as a CTO, CIO, VP of Architecture and technology leader. Gavin has been responsible for the technical architecture and operational stability of several large-scale web properties including Currently, Gavin is the VP of Architecture at AWeber Communications and is writing a book for Manning Publications entitled RabbitMQ in Depth.

As a hands-on technologist with a passion for open-source software and emerging technologies, Gavin is often evaluating new systems, languages and paradigms pushing both himself and his team to embrace best-of-breed methodologies, tools and languages. Gavin’s current interest in these areas includes functional and asynchronous back-end programming in Erlang, Python, and Javascript (node.js) as well as large scale messaging based architectures using RabbitMQ.

Gavin started his career in Internet development in the mid-90’s developing websites and working as an open-source advocate. Out of his experience in this area, Gavin co-founded ReadySetNet, a Hollywood based web development firm servicing many top-tier corporate and entertainment industry clients.

Gavin is active in several open source projects and communities including Python, PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ. Gavin is the maintainer of pika, the semi-official Python client-library for RabbitMQ. As a contributor to the PostgreSQL, Gavin has been the keynote speaker at pgCon, the annual PostgreSQL developer conference. In addition, Gavin is a repeat speaker at the annual Python Software Foundation run PyCon conference. Gavin is a member of several professional organizations including the PSF, MAAWG and the IEEE.