Andy Watson is a software person in Atlanta that can’t quite figure out how to describe himself in the third person without sounding weird.

He enjoys writing Go and contributing to open source projects like Consul and Docker Machine. He also is not ashamed to admit that he wrote PHP for 14 years.

Throughout his career, Andy has been an advocate of application security practices - even with beta products, internal tools and prototypes. At Ionic, he’s been spending a lot of time with encryption techniques of all kinds to make sure they’re applied correctly to ensure that customer secrets are kept safe from prying eyes - of which there are many.

He also remembers what it was like to build web infrastructure for busy websites 15 years ago and is thankful every day that it’s so much easier now and thinks you kids don’t even know how good you have it and you should get off his lawn.

He believes it’s time for another cup of coffee.