2012 Speakers

    • Bdale Garbee

      Bdale Garbee Technologist and Community Builder

      A contributor to the Free Software community since 1979, Bdale's background also includes many years of hardware design, Unix internals, and embedded systems work. He was an early participant in the Debian project, helped port Debian GNU/Linux to 5 architectures, served as Debian Project Leader, is chairman of the Debian Technical Committee, and remains active in the Debian community. In 2012, Bdale retired from HP, where he served as Chief Technologist for Open Source and Linux.

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    • Jim Jagielski

      Jim Jagielski President, Apache Software Foundation Sr. Consulting Software Engineer, Red Hat Inc.

      Jim is a well known and acknowledged expert and visionary in Open Source, an accomplished coder and frequent presenter on all things Web and Cloud related. He is best known as one of the developers and co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation and serves as President.

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    • Jonathan LeBlanc

      Jonathan LeBlanc Emmy Award Winning Engineer & O'Reilly AuthorPayPal

      Jonathan LeBlanc is a principal technology evangelist, Emmy award winning software engineer, and author of the O'Reilly book "Programming Social Applications". Specializing in open source initiatives around the implementation of social engagement services, Jonathan works with and promotes emerging technologies to aid in the adoption and utilization of new social development techniques, such as his work on the OpenSocial foundation board.

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    • Dave Stokes

      Dave Stokes MySQL Community ManagerOracle

      Dave Stokes has been using MySQL for over 15 years and has a wide background with Open Source software. He has worked for companies alphabetically ranging from the American Heart Association to Xerox and was made the Oracle's MySQL Community Manager in 2010.

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    • Peter Zaitsev

      Peter Zaitsev Founder and CEOPercona

      A native of Moscow, Peter first became a MySQL user in 1998 and quickly became both a technologist and manager in some of Russia's early, large MySQL installations. Peter was personally recruited in 2002 by MySQL's founder to manage the High Performance Group within the MySQL Support Team. Peter founded Percona in 2006 and has guided it from a two-person, bootstrapped startup to a worldwide organization with an international reputation for high quality MySQL software and services.

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    • Christopher Clark

      Christopher Clark Director of Information TechnologySparkfun Electronics

      I began as the sole IT professional at SparkFun Electronics when it was very small and now manage a diversified staff of fourteen. During the past several years my responsibilities have grown from initially developing our internal ERP system to overseeing the rapid scaling of our growing business in all aspects of information technology.

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    • Shawn Hartsock

      Shawn Hartsock Senior Member of Technical StaffVMWare

      Shawn Hartsock has consulted on Java technologies like Groovy/Grails and the Spring Framework providing expertise as an experienced Java developer and architect. Shawn has also been sought after as a speaker at user groups and conferences across the US on topics such as DevOps, Java development best practices, Cloud Computing, Grails development practices, Groovy programming, and Java applications in Cloud Computing and Virtualized environments.

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    • Chris Hinkley

      Chris Hinkley Senior Security EngineerFireHost

      As a FireHost Senior Security Engineer, Chris Hinkley maintains and configures FireHost network security devices, and develops policies and procedures to secure thousands of customer servers and websites. Hinkley has been with FireHost since the company’s inception and started as an interactive Web developer for FireHost’s predecessor, TargetScope.

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    • David Nalley

      David Nalley Community ManagerCloudStack

      David Nalley is currently employed by Cloud.com as the Community Manager for the CloudStack project. In addition he's a long time contributor to the Fedora Project, where among other things he is currently serving on the Fedora Project Board. He's also contributed to in various forms to Cobbler, Zenoss, Opengroupware.org, OLPC Math4, and Sahana.

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    • Boyd Wilson

      Boyd Wilson Executive DirectorOmnibond

      Boyd is an executive at Omnibond Systems, LLC. In addition to his other responsibilities, he leads software development and architecture of various projects that include OrangeFS, Identity Management and Library Content Management and some future projects in the hopper. He holds a Computer Science degree with an Education Concentration from Miami University.

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    • Scott McNealy

      Scott McNealy Co-FounderSun Microsystems

      Scott McNealy co-founded Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1982, serving as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Sun’s Board of Directors for 22 years. During his tenure at Sun McNealy drove the company’s innovation in open, network computing, and he helped transform Sun from a Silicon Valley start-up to a leading provider of network computing infrastructure with more than 30,000 employees worldwide. In 1986, he took the company public, creating one of the most notable publicly traded technology companies, all while positioning Sun as the model of corporate integrity.

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    • Larry Augustin

      Larry Augustin CEOSugarCRM

      Prior to taking the helm at SugarCRM in 2009, Larry was an angel investor and advisor to early stage technology companies. He currently serves on the boards of directors of Appcelerator, Compiere, DeviceVM, DotNetNuke, Fonality, Hyperic, Medsphere, Pentaho and SugarCRM. A member of the group who coined the term "Open Source," he has written and spoken extensively on Open Source worldwide. Worth Magazine named him to its list of the Top 50 CEOs in 2000. In 1993 he founded VA Linux (now SourceForge, NASDAQ:LNUX), serving as CEO until August 2002.

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    • Chris Aniszczyk

      Chris Aniszcyk

      Chris Aniszczyk Open Source ManagerTwitter

      Chris Aniszczyk is a software architect by trade with a passion for software evangelism, open source and building communities. He sits on the Eclipse Foundation's Board of Directors representing the committer community.

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    • Stephen A. Brodsky, Ph.D.

      Stephen A. Brodsky, Ph.D. Distinguished Engineer, Architect Big DataIBM

      Stephen A. Brodsky, Ph.D., is a Technical Executive and Distinguished Engineer for IBM Big Data initiatives at the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory. Dr. Brodsky holds doctoral and master’s degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a joint bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

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    • W. Douglas Maughan, Ph.D.

      W. Douglas Maughan, Ph.D. DirectorDepartment of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Division, Cyber Security Division

      Dr. Douglas Maughan is the Cyber Security Division Director in the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) within the Science and Technology (S&T;) Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Dr. Maughan has been at DHS since October 2003 and is directing and managing the Cyber Security Research and Development activities and staff at DHS S&T.; His research interests and related programs are in the areas of networking and information assurance.

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    • Jesse Andrews

      Jesse Andrews

      Jesse Andrews DirectorRackspace Cloud Builders

      Jesse is deeply passionate about building scalable architecture, developing open source platforms, and delivering features that delight users. Before NASA and Anso Labs, Jesse was the Lead Architect for Flock, an award winning social web browser. Jesse also created Book Burro, a Firefox extension that allows for seamless price comparison and checking of libraries when on pages that contain a book's ISBN.

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    • Steve Graham

      Steve Graham Senior TechnologistEMC CTO Office

      Steve Graham is a Senior Technologist focused on applying Web 2.0 concepts such as REST, Mashups and Ajax to deliver Service Oriented Infrastructures (SOI). Steve has been working on SOA since 1999 at EMC, IBM and the University of Chicago.

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    • Dave Abrahams

      Dave Abrahams Founding Member, Boost.orgPrincipal, Boost Consulting

      Dave is a founding member of Boost.org and an active participant in the ISO C++ standards committee. His broad range of experience in industry includes shrink-wrap software development, embedded systems design and natural language processing. He has authored eight Boost libraries and has made contributions to numerous others.

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    • Kevin Whinnery

      Kevin Whinnery Director of Developer RelationsAppcelerator

      Kevin is an experienced client-side web developer who has spent his entire professional life developing rich client applications and frameworks. In addition to his extensive experience on the Titanium platform, Kevin has developed rich client applications using Adobe Flex, open web technologies (HTML 5/CSS 3/JS), Silverlight, and WPF, giving him a unique perspective on rich client application development.

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    • Carol Smith

      Carol Smith Program ManagerGoogle

      Carol Smith has worked at Google for over 6 years and in the Open Source Programs Office for over two. She has a degree in photojournalism from California State University, Northridge. Carol is an avid cyclist and cook.

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    • Deb Bryant

      Deb Bryant PrincipalDeb Bryant & Associates

      Deborah has earned an international reputation for expertise in the adoption and use of open source software and open development models in the public sector through her work in private and public industry and academia.

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    • Jeff Kibler

      Jeff Kibler Technical Consultant and Community LiaisonInfobright

      Jeff Kibler serves as a technical consultant and community liaison at Infobright, the first columnar, open-source analytics database. In this role, Jeff works with community members frequently to help define their database needs and the best technology fit among the many databases on the market today.

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    • Paula Hunter

      Paula Hunter Executive DirectorOutercurve Foundation

      Paula Hunter brings a compelling combination of industry insight, executive-level business savvy and experience working with not-for-profits to the position of Executive Director. Previously Hunter served as Director of Operations for SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, a non-profit professional association working to increase awareness and promote the value of Search Engine Marketing worldwide.

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    • Peter Vescuso

      Peter Vescuso EVP of Marketing and Business DevelopmentBlack Duck Software

      Peter brings over 20 years experience in marketing and executive management developing new markets and building brands. Prior to joining Black Duck Software, Peter was VP/GM of the Enterprise Business and VP of Marketing at Cantata Technology.

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    • John M. Weathersby, Jr.

      John M. Weathersby, Jr. Founder and Executive DirectorOpen Source Software Institute

      John M. Weathersby, Jr. is the founder and executive director of the Open Source Software Institute, a U.S.-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote adoption of open source software solutions within US Federal, state and local government agencies.

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    • Ben Bleikamp

      Ben Bleikamp DesignerGitHub

      Ben is a designer living in San Francisco. He works at GitHub building tools that help developers and designers collaborate.

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    • Tobin Bradley

      Tobin Bradley Strategic PlannerMecklenburg County, NC

      Blogger and code wrangler for a number of open source projects.

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    • Carl Twarog

      Carl Twarog ProfessorEast Carolina University

      Specializing in animation and game design, Professor Carl Twarog has taught at East Carolina University for 16 years, previously teaching at the Massachusetts College of Art as a visiting lecturer. Twarog teaches face-to-face, hybrid and online courses in Motion, Game Design, and Animation.

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    • Dan French

      Dan French Superintendent of SchoolsBennington-Rutland Supervisory Union, Vermont

      Dan French is the Superintendent of Schools for the Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union in southwestern Vermont. A Linux enthusiast, Dan was named Vermont Superintendent of the Year in 2009 and currently serves as the President of the Vermont Superintendents Association.

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    • Jim Bowring

      Jim Bowring Asst. Professor of Computer ScienceCollege of Charleston

      Dr. James F. Bowring teaches software architecture, design, engineering, and testing. He is also founder and principal investigator of the Cyber Infrastructure Research and Development Lab for the Earth Sciences.

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    • Jorge Castro

      Jorge Castro Cloud Community LiaisonCanonical

      Jorge O. Castro currently works on the Community Team as Cloud Community Liaison for Canonical Ltd, sponsors of the Ubuntu project. Jorge has been using Linux since 1998, and his current passion is juju, the new service management tool.

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    • Marco Ceppi

      Marco Ceppi OwnerOndina

      Marco Ceppi owns Ondina, a webhosting company designed to re-engineer how shared hosting operates. In addition to this he is a community elected moderator on Ask Ubuntu (part of the Stack Exchange network), a community Juju Charmer, and a Member of the Ubuntu Community.

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    • Matthew Cone

      Matthew Cone Technical WriterLinode

      Matthew Cone is a Technical Writer for Linode and has been using Linux since 1997. A former specialist in a federal agency's information security division, Mr. Cone has extensive experience with open source software, information security, and IT service management. In his free time, Mr. Cone is a freelance writer specializing in Apple hardware and software. His forthcoming book, Master Your Mac, will be available from No Starch Press in August 2012.

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    • Ian Daniher

      Ian Daniher Co-FounderNonolith Labs

      Hackers, entrepreneurs, and learners, Ian Daniher & Kevin Mehall have been playing with electronics in an ever-increasingly professional capacity. Since June, they've been working on the CEE, an analog multi-tool, giving makers, students, and hobbyists a transparent and flexible way to explore the world.

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    • Joshua Davis

      Joshua Davis Research Scientist & Associate Branch HeadInformation Operations Branch, Georgia Tech Research Institute

      Joshua Davis has nine years of experience in distributed test and evaluation working predominately supporting the US Marine Corps and U.S. Army. Josh is also the co-founder of the Military Open Source Software (Mil-OSS - http://www.mil-oss.org) community.

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    • David Duggins

      David Duggins Consultant

      David Duggins is an IT professional with 12 years experience in developing open source based solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Since 2006, David has lived and worked in Columbia SC, developing php applications for companies like The State newspaper, Blue Choice, Midlands Technical College and Chernoff Newman.

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    • Steven Grandchamp

      Steven Grandchamp CEOOpenLogic

      Steven Grandchamp has over twenty-five years of experience in the software industry, where he has served in executive roles for both vendor and IT customer organizations. He was formerly President and CEO of Information Management Research.

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    • Lindsay Levkoff, Ph.D.

      Lindsay Levkoff, Ph.D. Director of EducationSparkFun Electronics

      While growing up Lindsay Levkoff was equally interested in biology and technology, dissecting both backyard lizards and living room electronics. However, in her K-12 experience the biological sciences won her favor due to tangibility and excitement.

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    • Mark Litz

      Mark Litz Senior Manager - Systems, Database and Computer OperationsSouth Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC)

      Mark is responsible for the evolution of the “Open” architecture and software implementations used in support of the SCDC’s growing web presence. Serving as the Chief Systems architect, he has managed several long term projects to implement Unix and Linux based servers into an historically Mainframe based shop.

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    • John Mertic

      John Mertic Community ManagerSugarCRM

      John Mertic has been published in php|architect, IBM developerWorks, and the Apple Developer Connection, and is the author of two books: 'The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications' and 'Building on SugarCRM: Creating Applications the Easy Way'.

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    • Max Mether

      Max Mether Manager, Training ServicesSkySQL

      Max joined MySQL in 2001 starting as a Consultant and an Instructor. Max ended up creating the MySQL training program and managing the curriculum under MySQL Ab and later in Sun. Prior to joining MySQL, Max did business development work at an innovation company for mobile technology. A native of Finland, Max received his M.Sc (Eng) in Physics and Maths from Helsinki University of Technology.

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    • Arnie Murdock

      Arnie Murdock Director, Office of Extended StudiesSouth Carolina State University

      Dr. Arnie Murdock has over 20 years of experience in the design and administration of higher education and corporate training programs. For the past 7 years, Arnie has provided consulting services to both corporate and higher education clients on implementation and customization of a variety of Open Source applications including Joomla, Drupal, and the Moodle Learning Management System.

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    • Elizabeth Naramore

      Elizabeth Naramore PHP Community ManagerEngine Yard

      Elizabeth is an author, speaker, and recovering PHP developer. Her paying gig is as the PHP Community Manager for Engine Yard and working with the fine fellows on the Orchestra PHP Platform. Besides being passionate about open source communities, she digs writing, fantasy football, good beer, and sci-fi.

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    • James Schweitzer

      James Schweitzer Linux IT SpecialistIBM

      James Schweitzer is an IT Specialist at IBM specializing in integrating Linux and Open Source software into enterprise environments. He has had the pleasure of implementing free and open source software in industries including finance, gaming, education, retail, health care, defense and travel.

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    • Scott Stewart

      Scott Stewart Training Partner ManagerRed Hat

      After spending the previous 8+ years of working in PC Sales & Marketing at IBM & Lenovo, Scott joined Red Hat in 2007 to manage Red Hat's North America Training Partner Program. He specializes in working with Training Companies to sell, market and champion Red Hat's award-winning Training Courses and Certification Program.

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    • Michael Waldrop

      Michael Waldrop Director of Solutions EngineeringAlfresco

      Michael has spent more than 15 years in the content management and BPM space with companies such as Day, Adobe, Lombardi, and Interwoven. Michael has worked with industry leaders to utilize a variety of products to drive content through the organization via a variety of channels – document collaboration, web, mobile, and other content centric custom applications.

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    • Michael Weinberg

      Michael Weinberg Staff AttorneyPublic Knowledge

      Michael Weinberg joined Public Knowledge as a full-time Staff Attorney after two years as a part-time Law Clerk and Student Intern. Although he is involved in a wide range of issues at Public Knowledge, he focuses primarily on copyright, issues before the FCC, and emerging technologies like 3D printing.

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    • Bob Williams

      Bob Williams CTOSPARC

      Bob Williams comes from over 15 years of industry experience from back-end massive dataset analytics to highly robust, scalable and distributed frameworks, to Semantic SDKs & APIs, to C-level engagements and defining Strategic Technology Vision and Direction.  Bob is an entrepreneur, visionary and technology hands-on leader, who has a proven record of creating, managing and growing technology-focused organizations.

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  • Testimonials


    • Chris Wanstrath

      Chris WanstrathCo-Founder, GitHub

      The speaker lineup at POSSCON is world-class.

    • Matt Asay

      Matt AsaySVP, Business Development

      POSSCON turned out to be a great event. Big thanks to Jeffrey Hammond, Lee Congdon, Mark Anzani and Deb Bryant for a great AM of panel discussion

    • debbryant

      Deborah BryantOregon State University Open Source Lab

      Thanks to Matt Asay for moderating our panel at POSSCON. Well worth the trip to South Carolina. Great regional event.

    • patten

      Bryant PattenExecutive Direcor, National Center for Open Source and Education

      The synergy between developers, business people, and teachers makes POSSCON pretty unique, I haven't really seen this anywhere else.

    • JohnHall2

      Jon 'maddog' HallExecutive Director, Linux International

      It was very nicely run and I think you did a bang-up job. You should all be proud of what you did.

    • red-small

      Matt HudsonArt Director, Palmetto Computer Labs

      This is like nothing you've ever seen before.  You can look at the pictures, you can watch the videos... but just like a concert, you have to be there.