POSSCON 2015: Bring your walking shoes!

vistaOne of the toughest decisions we make every time we host a conference is “where?”. Where to host the event, what location will serve as the main stage/keynote area, where to host socials, etc. We put so much thought into it because most everyone that has ever organized an event knows, location matters.

We’re very pleased to announce, after much behind-the-scenes wrangling and coordination, that all programming and socials on Tuesday, April 14 will take place in the heart of Columbia’s entertainment district,the Vista. The main stage and keynote area will be The Music Farm, which seats 500 and has unbelievably cool lighting, as well as two bars on-site. Track sessions will take place at numerous other locations throughout the Vista, including Tin Roof, the Columbia Convention Center, the Hilton Hotel, and Liberty Taproom patio. To find more information about each location and a map of all the locations, check out our Breakouts page.

Workshops on Wednesday, April 15 will take place in the world-class space at IT-oLogy, which is located at 1301 Gervais Street, just across the street from the state capital building. So, if you’re attending on Tuesday, be sure to wear walking shoes. In addition to world-class education and networking, all attendees will see Columbia up-close and personal, which is pretty darn cool.