2012 Was a Banner Year for POSSCON

  • 600 people participated from 20+ states.

    More than 20 colleges and universities were represented. These included Duke, University of South Carolina, Clemson University, Georgia Tech, College of Charleston, UNC Charlotte, and many more.

    The world’s top companies attended. Among them were Red Hat, Twitter, Rackspace, Google, IBM, Pay Pal, EMC, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, GitHub, Engine Yard, Verizon, Firehost, SUSE, and many others.

    Scott McNealy keynoted. He observed no leader of the open source movement has emerged since Sun and challenged one to do so.

    Larry Augustin told an amazing story. As a member of the group who coined the term ‘open source’, a board member, angel investor, CEO and founder of some of the most well known companies in the industry, he offered a truly unique perspective.

    Sparkfun Electronics demonstrated the Arduino. Open hardware is a quickly evolving field and Sparkfun showed why. Their booth was swarmed the entire conference.

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  • Testimonials


    • Chris Wanstrath

      Chris WanstrathCo-Founder, GitHub

      The speaker lineup at POSSCON is world-class.

    • Matt Asay

      Matt AsaySVP, Business Development

      POSSCON turned out to be a great event. Big thanks to Jeffrey Hammond, Lee Congdon, Mark Anzani and Deb Bryant for a great AM of panel discussion

    • debbryant

      Deborah BryantOregon State University Open Source Lab

      Thanks to Matt Asay for moderating our panel at POSSCON. Well worth the trip to South Carolina. Great regional event.

    • patten

      Bryant PattenExecutive Direcor, National Center for Open Source and Education

      The synergy between developers, business people, and teachers makes POSSCON pretty unique, I haven't really seen this anywhere else.

    • JohnHall2

      Jon 'maddog' HallExecutive Director, Linux International

      It was very nicely run and I think you did a bang-up job. You should all be proud of what you did.

    • red-small

      Matt HudsonArt Director, Palmetto Computer Labs

      This is like nothing you've ever seen before.  You can look at the pictures, you can watch the videos... but just like a concert, you have to be there.