Be on the Lookout for Mayor Benjamin - The Mayor That Get’s It

In honor of Throwback Thursday let’s take a brief trip back in time….

It’s 2011 and we, meaning the POSSCON planning team, approach Columbia’s new mayor and ask him to attend and participate in the conference. While not entirely sure what would happen, there can’t be a lot of votes with the open source/tech/web crowd when it comes to sheer numbers after all, we were pleasantly surprised when he not only accepted the invitation, but embraced it and the conference itself. The rest, as they say, is history.

8680920003_cf2f607011_zHe’s been a repeat attendee and participant every year the conference has been held, and more importantly, he’s been an ardent supporter of the people that comprise the open source/open tech/open web space.

On many occasions we have been approached by some of the most well known tech experts in the United States and the same general conversation inevitably ensues…

Top expert: Hey, is that your mayor?

Us: Yes, yes it is our mayor

Top Expert: Does he attend this conference often?

Us: Yes he does. Every year actually.

8682025982_97bae16e58_zTop Expert: Didn’t I see him yesterday at the dinner/social/x session?

Us: Yes, that was probably him. He does that a lot.

Top expert: But that’s your mayor…

Us: Yes, yes it is (smiling)

Top Expert: Wow. In all my years in technology and going to conferences I have never met or been thanked by the mayor for attending a conference and supporting technology. That’s so cool!

Us: Yes, yes it. You’ll probably see him tomorrow also, so be on the lookout.

So, when you attend POSSCON this year take a look around and look for Mayor Benjamin. Whether you like politics or not go up and say hello. You can take it from us he supports what you’re doing.

He’s got a 4 year track record to prove it.