AngularJS Session and Workshop to be Featured at POSSCON 2015

We are happy to announce AngularJS, the world’s most popular JavaScript framework today, will be featured at POSSCON 2015.

Conference programming will include a 45 minute session on the morning of Tuesday, April 14 as well as an extended 2.5 hour workshop on Wednesday, April 15. Both sessions will be hosted by Tom Wilson, President of Jack Russell Software and Lead Instructor at Charleston Code Camp.

AngularJS has become popular for a variety of reasons – it’s developed and maintained by Google, much of the writing can be done in HTML, and it’s overall simplicity - and we expect these sessions to be very well received and attended. For those interested we’ve included a session description for each below.

45 minute Intro to Angular – Tuesday, April 14

AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework that has taken the industry by storm, it is a great choice for single page application development, even hybrid mobile development. In this talk, we will provide an introduction into AngularJS 1.4.0, covering the basics like two-way databinding, templates, controllers, services and directives.

2.5 hour Building Applications with AngularJS workshop – Wednesday, April 15

In the Building application in AngularJS workshop, we will walk through the steps of building a data-driven application using AngularJS. It is a hands on workshop that will require a laptop with `nodejs` or `iojs` installed to get the most out of it. By participating in this workshop, you will get an idea of how you can start to assemble an angularjs application. Here is the following agenda:

  • Review how to setup an angularjs application.
  • Create a custom form and persist to a database.
  • Create a list view and search feature.
  • Create the ability to edit the form.
  • Create the ability to remove the record.
  • Create a custom directive for gravatar.

In summary, we should cover most of the day in, day out functions of Angular in building an application using Angular.